image server

by AltSheets

HZ example:

hz chaincountdown


NXT example:

nxt chaincountdown


Time estimation to targetblock. HttpServer returns image, auto-updated.
Image rendered at request; variable heading, fontsizes, fontfaces, colors.
Any NXT or HZ targetblockheight. Useful for voting, phasing, code upgrades.

Other coins possible, just donate to me, and name node IPs (example).

Some future dreams how this could evolve. No really, this is a toy project. Enthusiasm rocks!

Quote of the day: " If you can break it, you have grokked it. " (AltSheetsDev 2015/08/10)


  • v14: Much wow tools - Several node servers! Peerexplorer DNS crawler. HZ peer crawler!
               "126 nodes, 57 with openAPI, 37 have DNS names."
  • v13.5: measurements NXT & HZ blocktimes; v14.2 = NXT faster blockspeed (numbers, code), measured HZ, and BURST too.
  • v13: Docker magic & autostarting using systemd
  • v12: my very first Dockerfile and Hub repo altsheets/chaincountdown
  • v11: "Conceptual Thunderstorm"
  • v10: font & static pages improvements
  • v09 linux server install readme
  • v08 much: new option font; refactoring: massive reorg of the code, cleaned up
  • v07 issue fixed: blocktime not == 1.0 minutes

scroll down to history, or to how to spend your money wisely.





Please use it freely. Give feedback. Any wishes?
Tell me your ideas what else can be done on the basis of this ...



The TODOs ... are living elsewhere now, but their mail gets forwarded to their new address:

While reading ... do you notice your inner voice ... when it whispers "I could do that ..." :-)

@version v14 "Much wow tools" at 2016/01/23 22:00 UTC ~ nxt-block 622118 = hz-block 554881

Sourcecode available on GitHub altsheets


v14: Much wow tools:
       "126 nodes, 57 with open API, 37 of which have domain names"
       Several node servers! Peerexplorer DNS crawler. HZ peer crawler!

See for the multithreaded(!) code, and peerMagic_NXT.txt and peerMagic_HZ.txt for example output.

If you like this, show it !

v13.5: Block times revisited

v13: Docker magic

v12: ... learning Docker. My very first

v11: "Conceptual Thunderstorm" - coding in the old programming language "English":

v10: Fonts & Static pages - detected automatically:

v09: all automatic now:

v08: beta is ending ...

v07: Oops, that is why my target time kept on moving away so fast (-:

v06: Ready. Told people about this in the slack.

v04: This manual page.

@author: AltSheets

@license (c) 2015

Giveback license v05 ->

  • @donate: send other currencies to:
    • NHZ-Q675-SGBG-LQ43-D38L6
    • SOIL: 0x8da4fc05ca343e6a41646194e91931d9f413a40c
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Donation address exclusive to this project:
[BTC] 13whfNFT2dse7eiuNXVkuJivjxqSXHrW4j


Thanks a lot! Much appreciated!


The python code for this server is also for sale. Contact me for details. Or not. Spend your money for other things. But spend it - keeping money creates a foul odor.


2nd best way is writing into our wikiwiki.
But eMail ... is still the best ...: altsheets(plus)chaincountdown(at)gmail(dot)com