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About the greater scheme of things ...

  • trehnhy (2015 September 19th-21st)
    The (r)evolution has not happened yet.
    Premine: A caricature of current altcoin economics,
    and the consumer attitude it is causing & caused by.
  • Package tourism - Rich countries are really in a pitiful state. (post-holiday rant :-) in BCT)
  • Don't feed the troll - Antisocial Behavior in Online Discussion Communities (short post in BCT)

  • Coinstart mining - not only a tech article (post in BCT)
  • "Advise me, AltSheets" - Let me have a look at your site/product/coin/app/company. (own thread
  • Asset Warnings - block explorer concept for investor protection (HZ thread)
  • CointelegraphDE article about AltFolio - much text written by me (AltSheets AltFolio thread
  • AltsheetsCoefficient (ABEE thread) - might help to choose coins worth mining?

  • "Support Abvhiael - We refill his developer's funds" - amazing experience, true crowdfunding (post in BCT). 
  • What is a culture of sharing, and support? Summary of 3 weeks in BURST (post in BCT).
    My contributions list, open source spirit, 'users', 'investors', idealism <-> donations, sharing vs ego, cultural not technological, supply versus demand focus;
    "Real life experiments, human-to-human interactions based in money, can help much to unravel reality, I really like that about cryptos."

^ = incomplete ... one day, I might continue that list that stretches over only 9 months yet ...

More down-to-Earth, concrete, useful manuals are --> over there.

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