PGP = Pretty Good Privacy

My PGP key is below.

Placed down there ... for didactical purposes ... :-)

new now with a browser-based quickstart!
Send me encrypted mails in less than 2 minutes!


Please go step-by-step, or it will not work
- but also give me feedback if you do get stuck.

I am happy to help. And improve this. And see you help to ...

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Reclaim our privacy:

This "little workshop" intends to solve many problems in one go. For sure,
there are easier ways (search for gmail pgp or use this igolder online tool)
- but I choose this -very safe and later very comfortable- way.

Takes an hour today, probably less. And in the future, it takes
mere seconds - you later need step 5, or step 6, or step 7 only.

While you grind through this workshop, just imagine that Edward Snowden favours PGP too.

  1. Install ThunderbirdPortable (other than Windows: See mozilla page)
  2. Install GNUpg --> gpg4win (the encryption suite with all the mathematics, keyring, etc.)
  3. Install Enigmail Add-on
  4. Create KEY PAIR / configure Enigmail

That was the hard part. ^ needs to be done once only.

Now (5) share your key, (6) import my key, (7) send encrypted mail:

  1. Give your PUBLIC key to someone ("me me me :-)") :


Send (me) an encrypted mail in Thunderbird

  1. Import my key:  
  2. Send encrypted message:

optional: PGP live training

  1. (optional)
    Play with a PGP robot which answers after a few seconds. Her name is Adele:

optional: How does PGP work? Amazing color metaphor video.

  1. (optional)
    perhaps you want to better understand ...

optional: Reward me - if you like this, show it:

  1. (optional)
    If you feel like rewarding me ... I am thankful, and in need. Every bit counts.

Thanks a lot, for your attention, and patience.

P.S.: Edward Snowden himself ... had to explain all this to Greenwald - 12min video near the bottom. Crazy voice scrambler.
Actually, if you ever get into a similar situation, better go further, and start using LINUX, booting it from a LiveDisk, like TailsOS (the amnesic incognito live system). And avoid contacting me please :-)

2015 August 24th was the creation date, and 2016 January 3rd the last change of this