About AssetGraphs v2

AltSheetsDev won Jones’ NxtHacks2015.

A 48 hours hackathon for innovating new software on the NXT blockchain API. Then a public voting, and a jury chose AssetGraphs.py to be the #1 winner! Hooray *g* After much more coding, heavily extended, and ready for you:

... v2 is an end consumer product, with GUI panel 
for the visualization, and an informative display:

AssetGraphs v2 screenshot - parameters panel, and node display

Is your web presence interactive?

Give your visitors something to play with. AssetGraphs PRODUCTS live on your website, with little knowledge needed. Complicated stuff is hidden - you upload my folder onto your webserver, insert an IFRAME into your page - an it works.

Enjoy playing with the example networks now. Contact me with questions.
If you like it, send me NXT coins from your NXT address ( = starting point).
I deliver quickly. Buy now.

Product 1: BUYER perspective

Example 1: All the assets you are owning, plus all their shareholders. Buy this to understand your investments better. Or boast about them :-)

Press ‘pause’. Open in new window, and look at the sourcecode.

Product 2: ISSUER perspective

Example 2. All the assets you have issued, and all your shareholders.
Buy this to study your investors, and attractively present your issued assets.

If you do not favour public transparency, put it behind a password protection (like my “inner circle” area). Visible only for your shareholders - they appreciate the special attention. Or hook prospective new buyers with a pretty toy? :-)

Press ‘pause’. Open in new window, and look at the sourcecode.

Roadmap - Past Present Future

  • Milestone 1: Winning the NxtHacks2015 hackathon!

    Crazy 48 hours of coding. AssetGraphs was voted the BEST of 6 great projects! (Status: Past)
  • Milestone 2: AssetGraphs PRODUCTS now available to everyone.

    Now you can buy an AssetGraph PRODUCT. Your personal network snapshot for your website. (Status: Ready)
  • Milestone 3 (Future): Other network types.

    More such STATIC network types. If Milestone 2 is successful (in terms of sales), I see many possibilies - networks can visualize any blockchain data. Contact me, make suggestions. (Status: Planning.)
  • Milestone 4 (Future): Dynamic Networks.

    DYNAMIC networks change over time. Perhaps I can extend my AltFolio license server = for a subscription price ... your networks are rendered from always-uptodate market data! (Status: Idea)



Earn from this

Reseller Bonus: Once you have bought this, try to find other buyers. If they include your (name and nxt-address) into their message, I share 10% with you.

Dividends: Shareholders of AAssetNXT and AAssetHZ will benefit from all sales.

Reasons to buy

* Better understand shareholders, intuitively. * Support the future development,
* Seduce website visitors with cutting edge tech. * … i.e.: Support me. By buying this.
* Be the first who benefits from assetgraphs.py * Give back to your shareholders
* The images are pretty … and fun to play with. * … handing them toys,
* Can be configured, matching your design concept. * … showing the larger picture,
* Present assets with innovative visualisations. * Increase your asset sales!

What do you get?

The local network around your NXT-sending-address … assets you own OR assets you issued.

ZIP with everything Just unzip it on your WWW server, and it immediately works on your website! Integrates into your page by IFRAME, easy. You can change the colors, sizes, etc. if you know CSS.
AltSheets License The product you buy is permissively licensed. Read the license! You need to give credit to me, and must not sell it - but you are allowed to share it, even on a commercial site.
Voucher The network is static data. Created from a blockchain snapshot when I start building it. If you later want an updated snapshot, the voucher allows for a much reduced price.

BUY now


Buying is easy: Just send NXT

Important: By sending money, you are accepting the license, so read it before.
Prices might change with BTC & NXT rate (better refresh your browser now).

Simply send to NXT-… (…1…) or (…2…). Wait ~1 day. Check your messages.




“AssetGraphs v2 BUYER perspective”

Important: Too large networks are slow, and will not look good. If you are holding approx. > 12 assets, or many assets with thousands of shareholders ... then most machines will be to slow to properly render it. Contact me - we will find a solution, perhaps a "product 3".
TL;DR: Large number of assets = better do not buy yet!

Initial early birds price 1 sold, 2 available 2999 NXT
Early adopters nice price 1 sold, 4 available 4999 NXT
Final price not decided yet

Send to (MN, NR, NP)




“AssetGraphs v2 ISSUER perspective”

Initial early birds price 3 available 4444 NXT
Early adopters nice price 2 sold, 3 available 6666 NXT
Final price not decided yet

Send to (MN, NR, NP)




Contact me

Send me an email if you would like me to
code for you. Please include an offer in BTC.