AltSheets AssetGraphs:

These examples not only show my path while I was coding 3 Python modules during the 48h NXTHACKS weekend 2015 ... but they also slowly enter a vast and complex field - network analysis & visualisation. Step by step so that you understand the features better.

In the limited time, I only scratched the surface, because the rules said I had to build the whole way up. From a basic nxt-API access (already abstracting it for HZ & burst), then through API- downloading all objects; extracting combining data, adding from 'alias' where no account 'name's were given, treating node partitions differently for assets & accounts, single'ing out issuer nodes, etc. ... all the way up to writing the final networks into files.

The JavaScript that is presenting the networks, I adapted from d3 and only mildly tweaked it. TL;DR: Ignore the JavaScript, it is not done by me.

ZIP file of everything here.