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The following are extracts from PMs and emails. Topics that comes up often. Skim through them, to better understand AltFolio - and me :-)


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Date: 24 February 2016 at 01:25

> FUJI price not showing
Yes. Not FUJI. Try FJC, that'll work (usually look up the acronyms at CMC)
However, FJC is not supported by - yet. Please email them, explain the coin; they are very responsive.  Then, in a few days, also the minicharts can be there, for FJC.


> CMC is 7h% or 24h%?
It is actually all available ones: 7days, 7hours, and 1hour.

> I have long term goals. ... Not for making daytrading. 
Very good. An ideal candidate for AltFolio, because you don't have to fill in new balances seven times per day; but you rather want to have a quick overview of what is happening to your portfolio.


Remember: As soon as it breaks, use 
     menu ... file ... revision history (ctrl-alt-shift-G)
to go back in time, until a moment where it still worked.

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Date: 10 February 2016 at 04:22

That is a good error report, incl. that screenshot, well done.

> little red triangle in the cell with an error notification.
what does the error notification say?

>  something has gone wrong
No problem. Beginner's hickups. GoogleSheets is an immensely powerful system. I have tried to make it as easy as I could, with all the color coding, custom menus, and such. But as it is such an open system, it is freely configurable - and breakable, in a multitude of ways *g*

But you are not lost. There are several possibilities now:

(1)  Sometimes it helps to just press "update" once more.  And wait.
(2) Go back in time. Most helpful. Google has a "revision history" (see first menu on the left). Go back in time, until you get it working again.
(3) Just start anew. Make a new copy of the mastersheet (see welcome email). This time observe closely when you break it, then use (2) to go back one step.
(4) If you cannot solve it yourself, get back to me please.You can give me access, via the "Share" button on the top right.

Hint for (3) when migrating your data into a new sheet: You can also copy several cells in one go. But do not copy any of the automatic cells. Only the yellow ones.

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Date: 10 February 2016 at 21:38

Perfect. Now I know:

> The little red triangle did say: 
> ERROR > Unknown function:'askServer'

That is ... actually horrible. Because 'askServer' is THE essential GoogleScript function that I have written, which communicates with my Python dataserver, and updates your GoogleSheet.

I have once had the same problem, long ago.  Not sure anymore, but I dimly remember it was nothing I could change myself. Back then it looked as if Google had completely destroyed my custom GoogleScript functions (Have a look:   Menu ... Tools ... Script editor ...).

Two options now:
1) Waiting until Google has finished their maintenance. Perhaps it will simply start working again, an hour, or a day later.
2) Starting new with a new copy of the mastersheet.

I am sorry that this is happening to you, right in the beginning. I only had it once, long ago.

> But this morning it was fine, all up and running ok. 
If something just ceases to work, without you interfering with it, then it is nothing that is caused by you. Then just wait, until Google has repaired whatever they needed to repair there.

> I did try the update and waited about 30 mins but nothing.
No, different time range. The update happens within 3 to ~20 seconds. Or never. 

Please start a new sheet copy.

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Date: 16 February 2016 at 09:00

>  I think I am starting to understand how it is done
Very good.

Spreadsheets might look overwhelming at first, but they are such a great innovation of applied mathematics. I really like how spreadsheets enable us to do quite complex calculations .... just because we can do everything step by step. The output of one calculation (e.g. "sum this column") becomes the input of a new calculation (e.g. "divide this by the other column sum, to get an average price"). It must have been a real genius who invented them.Wow ... it goes back all the way to the 1960ies:

> So how is it now entered onto altfolio?
Just the one essential cell per coin - the averaged buy price. That is the relevant information, to see at a glance whether you are in the minus or in the plus with a certain coin. In AltFolio you fill that into column L "my BUY PRICE in BTC per coin".

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Date: 16 February 2016 at 20:52

> Say for example with MAID > I have sold all the coins I had
Then you do not put them into AltFolio.
Or if you had them in Altfolio, then just put the 2221.7 coins to 0 coins.
Or delete the whole line (Menu ... ALTFOLIO-MENU ... choose one row to DELETE ...)

AltFolio is not about the past. The purpose of AltFolio is to provide an overview of your CURRENT portfolio of AltCoins. Imagine your are holding 10 currencies, and perhaps at 4 different exchanges. You would have to check 10 different chart pages, several times per day. Just to be sure not to miss a dramatic event in one of them. With AltFolio you have to input your coins once (that takes a few minutes, once),and update the numbers when you have sold, or bought ... But then, every day, you only open AltFolio, press "update" - and you immediately see what is going on, with your 10 different coins. One of them might show crazy values - and then of course you open its charts page, to study it further.

With your example, MAID, that is all not necessary anymore. Because you have already fully sold it, right? No need to study its price evolution any further. Right?

Or are we misunderstanding each other? Perhaps you could describe to me what kind of product you were expecting. Perhaps I find it useful too, and perhaps it could be done. And I could code it. Best regards ..

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Date: 17 February 2016 at 11:21

Yes, you can give me access to your AltFolio sheet, using the "share" button on the top right. But it looks as if you do manage. Congrats.

... back to your question: Your buy price of BTC is not reflected in the sheet at all. I had to take choices when I was developing, and back then, in a group,  we had kind of a consensus that trading altcoins is supposed to mainly increase our stack of BTC. And were were not caring too much about the USD value. Of course, I could also try to include the dollar value of the purchase, but as you noticed yourself - you don't even know for how much you bought your BTC back then. And I get the impression that most people won't sell their Altcoins based on USD/BTC price changes - or do you?

>  have put MAID & VNL at 0 as I have none left, but have kept them for the minute in the portfolio for chart reflection only.
Very good. That is exactly how I do it, with some coins. I want to keep an eye on their price level, even if I don't own any.

When you sort the whole table by fraction, all the 0 value coins are simply put to the bottom of the table:
--> Menu ... ALTFOLIO-MENU ... UPDATE external data, WAIT, SORT by fraction, and RECALC total.

>  ETH that I currently own in Poloniex of : 86.0766
> But what figure do I put under Column L, MY BUY PRICE in BTC per coin?
Simply ... the average price that you have paid for your ETH. Looking at your other sheet ... that was (J113) 0.00455365 - right?

Beware:  That "my buy price" is only a small hint whether you would be in the plus or in the minus if you sold them now. But don't let yourself be distracted by that too much. It took me ages to understand myself - that in trading the past hardly matters. Regardless whether you are in the plus or in the minus with a coin, the thing that matters is if you think the price will go up or will go down. 

>  I think I was thinking that it would also somehow give a history of coins bought, 
Ah, I see.  Yes that is a totally different animal.

> but I suppose we can get that from the history in the exchanges.

Unfortunately, bittrex has cut off their memory (so do download regularly if you later want to analyze), but poloniex is still keeping all of history.


In short: Yes, please tell me about investment opportunities. I am extremely tight with money right now, barely surviving actually.  I say that because I can not afford to loose, so I can not gamble.  But every now and then, there are opportunities with low risk. Then please tell me. Thanks!

> I no longer have SYS and XMG on Altfolio as I'm not interested in them any longer (for the time being anyway)
I have ideas for that. I am actually working on a second frontend to my dataserver. One which is only observing prices (and it doesn't know about how many coins I own.) But it lives in a small window, and it can be run every 30 minutes,  so I have a small simple basic display of coins that I want to observe. Perhaps you can put coins like SYS and XMG, i.e. coins that you are only loosely interested in, into that client? I will keep my subscribers up to date about that development. Because it will simply be an extra that is free to use if you have a valid serial key. Have a good day :-)


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Date: 21 February 2016 at 14:56

> > But if it is a viable asset, I might also be interested in accepting like ~25% of the payment in equity.
> No ...

Please change perspective, and try to understand me: When I am gambling (trading), I take the risk, and invest some money into less know tokens, and sometimes gain, and sometimes loose. But it is only money that I invest, not work. Dead matter, not life. Risking is the game, and I need to put a lot of attention into it, and have to spend much time observing (to sell in the right moment, not to miss the most profitable sells, or buys, etc.).
But now, here ... I am investing my precious lifetime, I am working for money, doing good and honest coding work, creative, functioning, constructive. I would not want the reward for my work ... to be a gamble. High gains high volatility high risk = Good for traders, but not a good currency for salaries.
Just imagine this: I have put 20 hours of my lifetime into building something for you. You've paid me your magic internet tokens, which seem valuable in that moment of time. Great, I go out and celebrate my little success. Next day, the price for your tokens crashes to 1/10. Which does happen, and all over the place. Some even love it, volatility is actually a trader's friend. But my 20 hours of work are suddenly worth only 2 hours of work then. Not a way to go for me, sorry. So, please trade some of your tokens into BTC and pay me with that, thanks.
I don't want to mix my (risk affirming) trading, and (risk averse) coding-for-money. Can you understand that?

Having said all that, perhaps your offer involves an interesting challenge, that I would LIKE to implement anyways. Let's forget the money for a moment, and talk about the job ...

> ...
Thanks for that simple explanation. I have a picture - but I might still not understand. Please be more verbose, and detailed.You want me to automate something for you. Right? Please show me what you are doing manually right now, that I shall automate. Send me some concrete examples, that illustrate what you are envisioning. Thx.

> What do you need my IP address for exactly?
I suppose you mean when you are subscribing to AltFolio? It says "I am storing the above form data, plus your IP address, and date & time of today.". That sentence is intended to be honest and explicit about what I am storing. Very little, indeed. Not more than that, but also not less. So that you are aware of it. I have mild layers of protection against freeriders. Fortunately I have never needed any of them, but I don't want that someone just steals my work, of course. And showing that I store the IP address is one helpful protection. Technically, there is no way you can communicate with my webserver without an IP address, anyways. So I have your IP address, always. It is just a matter of my own decision, to (a) store it, and (b) tell you about it before. You see?

> security concerned
If you are security concerned, then you better do not run money wallets on computers which you are using for your daily www browsing! Putting them on a raspberryPi is a good first step.

I hope these thoughts are helpful for you? The next step would involve you giving a detailed recipe how what exact data you want about what exact entities, and presented in what exact way. The better I understand what you need, the better I can serve your needs. Have a great Sunday :-)


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Date: 20 January 2016 at 07:03

Thanks a lot. That is all really helpful.

> I have to do this every time ...
That is strange. I am sure it was not like that in the past.
[ ... coding ... ]
It turned out it was a more general problem! I have now coded a fix for it. Very good. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

>  could you please add support for HitBTC exchange
I can. Not right now now, very busy these days. But soon!

Anything else, please tell me.

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Date: 2 June 2015 at 17:36

> required some rudimentary string-to-number conversion in excel to drop the text labels,
Ctrl-SHIFT-v (paste as text) very often does the trick.

> Also working with your sheet I learned some fundemental tricks like using the Altfolio Menu to insert rows and combining a row
> with zero cost to factor-in POS earnings (leading to curiosity on how cost is averaged for subsequent purchases). 
Same. Always will be combined into one row.
You can also combine 5 rows at once.

> Also since I've never used Google docs navigating the spreadsheet was new for me (where I learned early-on to "paste as value" to retain cell formatting).
yes exactly. You can copy from e.g. bittrex into your sheet, without copying the bittrex styles.

> ... convert LTC market pricing to BTC and if that's not possible ...
I have been thinking about that challenge for quite a while. There are more markets, which trade for XMR or DOGE. And not only BTC. It would need at least two more columns:
* "trade against": BTC/LTC/DOGE/XMR...
* "value in XXX", with XXX being the intermediate currency
which then gets translated into BTC.
A bit reluctant right now, because more columns also mean more confusion for newbs.

> As for suggested cost, glad to see your talking subscription which clearly is the only way to offer this. 
Yes, I need to generate revenue, to be able to afford spending time on this.


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Date: 5 June 2015 at 17:08

> Bittrex. They just dropped my history altogether. 
No way. Send them a ticket. That is a no-go ! 

> Possibly another angle for Altfolio to capture exchange history.
Yes. But that needs private-API-access, and about that ... for example see the arguments in this discussion here:
You see the point?

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Date: 2015-07-01 16:45 GMT+02:00

By the way, try out :

   Menu ... ALTFOLIO-MENU ... "UPDATE external data, wait, SORT by fraction, and RECALC total"

that is pressing all "update" buttons in one go.


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March 14, 2015, 05:11:41 AM

Thanks for your interest! May this help your trades!

I will start to sell my Portfolio Management System "AltSheets Altfolio".

It would be lovely, if you try it out, and give me some feedback. For anything helpful, I will extend your free serial code validity, of course!

I am really excited. I made a completely new entrance  --> Have your trial serial created:




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April 24, 2015, 10:37:10 PM

> ... each have their own pros and cons but nothing really comes close to what you're offering here,
> at least it seems to be this way to me. You're pulling api from Poloniex, Bittrex, which other exchanges? Cryptsy?
> ... I'm excited to use what you've built here, so may I please purchase the most upgraded, up-to-date version for what price in BTC?
> I'll add on 0.1 to whatever that is as a sign of appreciation.

Man, I just love your enthusiasm :-) Nice PM

In comparison, the main advantage of my system is the openness, the frontend can be changed, also by yourself. Not like an unchangeable website.
And as I combine it with my dedicated dataserver backend, it is still fast.

It is constantly improving. I am using it myself every day, sometimes several times - if I notice anything that could be smoother, or more practical, I just implement it.

Exchanges are bittrex poloniex cryptsy ccex yobit bter allcoin bleutrade and bitstamp. But if you are using a different one, I will extend the dataserver, no problem.


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