"Advise me, AltSheets" 


  • You need a sound technological advice.
  • You want a second opinion on a decision.
  • You want to surprise your boss with ideas.
  • Customers don't stay, or don't come, or don't buy.
  • Started long ago - and somehow you are stagnating.
  • Your site is ready, but somehow you are not satisfied.
  • You are starting with something new. Let us brainstorm.
  • You have heard about me, and want to connect professionally.


I am good at:

  • Details
  • Overview
  • Language
  • Complexity
  • Web Technology
  • Brainstorming. New ideas.
  • Concepts. Projects. Implementation.
  • Seeing new options, building on top of what you have.

All to airy? How can I help you? Just

contact me

Projects I have advised:

  • nxt-starter by POPPP
  • nxt shapeshift_plugin by lyaffe
  • nxt asset watcher, Nawa App by Shmoula
  • /Exp by Jones
  • NXT_Info by SFDev
  • bctalkaccountpricer by knightdk
  • nxtad by tosch
  • HZ (HorizonPlatform.io) - tons of suggestions, concepts, help
  • NXT (nxtforum.org) - ideas, bug reports, feature requests

Often it was my initiative - I saw something in their project, and just started making suggestions. But usually reactions are very thankful.

Plus tons of others - I have actually started a LOG of my activities.


How does it work:

  • Send me a link to your site/product/coin/app/company.
  • I have a look at it - as soon as I find the time.
  • In case I do have some good ideas ...
  • ... we need to find an "win-win" agreement:
    • Some reward is immediate, some can be later.
    • As a part payment, I might accept equity in your profits. Depends.
  • First contact is free. But never futile.

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