AAssetHZ = AltSheets Asset on HoriZon

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asset id: 8101260088962758269
(always check for correct ID, there might be copycats)

name: AAssetHZ
meaning: 'AltSheets Asset on HoriZon'

quantity: 5,000,000 (5 million)
decimals: 0 (whole shares are traded)

launched: 2015 March 28th
issued by: NHZ-XDWX-VLTM-FUFZ-CTT54 (alias 'AAssetHZissuer')


AAssetHZ is the first AltSheets Asset on Horizon. 5,000,000 AAssetHZ shares are issued, representing 5% of all future profits of AltSheets software (like AltFolio - the auto-updating altcoin portfolio solution; and assetparser.py - which compares all assets in many observables, and works on two platforms). Objectives of AAssetHZ are: To develop and improve software, to finance marketing to increase sales - and to reward investors by sharing 1% of all profits from the #AltSheets software sales per each 1,000,000 AAssetHZ; paid as regular dividends to AAssetHZ holders. Check asset ID and issuer ID (NHZ-XDWX-VLTM-FUFZ-CTT54) before trading, there may be copycat assets! Buyers please convey an email address for updates. More infos at http://AAssetHZ.ddns.net and twitter @AAssetHZ

Status: (2016 March 29th)

1'749'567 left for sale (35%)

  • starting price was: 3 HZ / asset (1,000,000 sold)
  • next batch then was: 5 HZ / asset (500,000 sold)
  • next batch then was: 6 HZ / asset (250,000 sold)
  • next batch then was: 7 HZ / asset (250,000 sold)
  • next batch then was: 8 HZ / asset (250,000 sold)
  • next batch then was: 9 HZ / asset (50,000 sold)
  • current price is: 10 HZ / asset (50,000 offered)
  • future batch is 11 HZ / asset (50,000 offered)

850,000 (17%) left not-for-money, initially 20% of total quantity;
managed by: NHZ-KVE5-GRRJ-999W-8ED8B (alias 'AAssetHZgiver')



These sites tell you more about AAssetHZ:

Please contact me when you hear about new services!



How to invest: Longer explanations here. It is easy.

Quickstart version:

Step 1: buy and transfer Horizon coin:

  • Buy "Horizon" at poloniex or bittrex.
    For newbies, poloniex' implementation of NHZ is easier to handle.
  • Wallet - no worries, this needs to be done only once:
    • choose a HorizonWallet (download, or webwallet)
    • write your 12-words-keyphrase on paper (secret key! keep safe!),
    • then log in, and write down your NHZ-...-address
    • login, logout, login, compare - still the same NHZ-... address? If yes, continue:
    • hzAnnounce.com = let your public key be registered on the HZ blockchain.
  • Withdraw a small amount of HZ from your poloniex or bittrex balance. See if it arrives (after a few minutes). If unsolvable problems, send support ticket to their helpline. Only when sure all is cool, send larger amounts.

Step 2: buy the asset "AAssetHZ"

  • "AAssetHZ" is traded in the distributed asset exchange HorizonPlatform.io
    The name is less reliable than the unique assetId= 8101260088962758269

  • Log into your own Horizon node --> http://localhost:7776
    or log into an online wallet
  • Left column
    • Asset Exchange
      • (top right) Add Asset
        • ID 8101260088962758269
  • 'buy asset'
    • click: on a 'sell order price', or 'Buy AAssetHZ with HZ' (+) (green)
    • choose 'Quantity', choose 'Price'
      • N.B.: If you choose a 'price' below the cheapest sell order,
        your buy order is not filled, but placed in the 'buy orders' table.

    • click on 'Buy (HZ --> AAssetHZ)'
  • Wait for the blockchain to move forward, recording your transaction.
  • Check the 'trade history', 'dashboard', 'blocks' - to understand what has happened.
  • Buy more ;-)

Step 3: Get involved:

  • Try my software AltFolio. Valuable real data tool for mid-term & long-term traders.
  • Play with my new AssetGraphs software. Novel approach at a data view GUI.
  • Resell any of those, and I generously share income with you!
  • Study my threads on bitcointalk and nxtforum, or the "AltSheets Quickie"



Are you a geek? Then you will love these:

get a REST client e.g. rfc or restman for layouting the API results:

Ain't that cool?

I have an almost ready product if you want to learn how to interact with such APIs in the easy to learn language Python.

--> contact me.




Happy to answer your questions. altsheets(plus)asset(at)gmail(dot)com


http://AAssetHZ.ddns.net, last change: 2016 March 30th


nxtad.net or
contact me for
advertising here